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Atarok Notebook a android application.
Note keeps a very comprehensive benefits package. the content of the note is the following: In the picture you want to write your note content video audio music and address Add. Check in Photo Camera video image voice Recorder Add Music reminder function You can use it in many places application To give an example.
1) You have your car parked in a crowded area, you do not have to look when you return your car you can go check where you parked. Note when You open the note where you have it checked, you are without your car to look at your car.
2) Take a picture of the elusive recipe, and finding the recipe easier. Write your grocery list, a shopping list that you make will remind you what time you are going to do the shopping. When you list what you have in the basket, you can also check.
3) Take a picture of your homework assignment. You can choose the size you want below edit and sound recordings taken.
4) You can record audio interview so you can listen back it back.
5) Birthdays, Engagements, Wedding anniversary and all other important days, you can create a blog and that reminds is provided to you. Sound recordings, videos and photos of the places you've made it to the memories you can store here.
6) Provide an employee with pregecoördineerde way to do noting with what the employee should have done and have done scoring. Destination addresses, notes, sounds and videos of very extensive use.
7) note that you have created, you can also lock to enter so only you can in that note, and no other with a password.
8) Note that is stored, you can send after an e-mail address.
9) There is also a navigation in the application. It is designed so that anyone can easily and quickly going on with it.
Languages English : Atarok Notebook Dutch : Atarok Notities Türkce : Atarok NotDefteri
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